Within our 18,000 sqft facility we offer a storage, distribution and installation services. This in turn, eases the pressures new projects can create for customers. We offer to install and merchandise the shelving & racking if required, giving you a single point of contact option, which in-turn saves you labour, time & money, and coordinating the operations yourself.


We offer a shelving & racking maintenance service for single or multiple sited companies. Our fitters are fully trained & experienced in working in both retail & commercial environments, no matter what type of business and requirement you have, we will be able to professionally install the products for you.


Businesses are commercially driven for more productivity and flexibility from their current facility. The demand for Mezzanine in the manufacturing & production industries continue to grow. Alser UK Ltd can assist you with all requirements.

Other Services

If you have a project that requires one or more of your suppliers’ components, we can collate all supplier deliveries into our warehouse facility. We will then sort, repackage (if required) all of the products, and deliver to one or multiple locations, making savings on delivery and operational costs.

Alser UK Ltd. Shop Fitting and Joinery
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